It has been a long time coming but we are finally getting the space ready for opening.  In the past month there has been plenty of work done, see below for more details:

Historical Dole Records

When we first moved in most of the rooms were filled with Dole Plantation items.  Furniture, lab equipment, farm records dating back to the early 1800s.  Mahalo to the Dole staff for clearing these items out so we could get started with our project.

Affordable AC

The first thing we had done was the air conditioner install.  All but one small room/storage has new AC, including the conference room.  The Pineapple Crate is sure to be a cool place to be this summer.  Mahalo to Chris and his team at Affordable AC for keeping us cool.

Hawaiian Telcom

Fast! BLAZING FAST!  That's all I need to say.  No really, Hawaiian Telcom was a pleasure to work with.  It was a simple call to place an order for high speed internet and we got such a great deal.  They were very flexible with my schedule and when they came out to set it up I learned that we got a fiber line to our office.  Yes I said FIBER inside our office.  I believe we have the fastest speed in Whitmore!  But I will let you be the judge of that. Mahalo!

Electrical Innovations

While this office space was the creame of the crop for Dole Plantation we were not sure if it could handle the electical load of an updated co-working space.  Chris from Electrical Innovations brought in a new/upgraded electrical service and pannel.  This would help cover the requirments of the new AC and equipment in our cafe.  But they did not stop there, they also installed new ballast in a all the lights and replaced the flourescent bulbs with LED bulbs.  This all will amount to over 30% savigns on our electric bill. Mahalo!

KJ Solutions

You can imagine that after many years of use and a few years of sitting unused the amount of dust/dirt/grime that was built up.  Sal and his crew have come in and brough a shine back to the windows, floors and walls.  Not to mention they have demoed all of the old cabinets in the cafe and lab.  This opened a new co-work/office space and will allow us to put more seating in the cafe.  Mahalo!

There is still more work to do before we can open.  Check back to see how things progress.

~pineapple crate team

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